Who is Nathan Carter?

Today started with surfing in Tullan. Everyone seemed to be looking forward to it and spirits were high on the bus, with Steve dancing away to Katy Perry. Conditions were a lot easier for beginners than the last time we were there and at one stage 8 people made it out to the back. Was great seeing the improvements in everyone and the confidence build with different people as the session went on. ¬†For the afternoon we had a debriefing session and spoke about goals for the next session, and Collie explained to us the great musical contribution Nathan Carter makes. He is going to take us all to see him on Saturday. Can’t wait!



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One thought on “Who is Nathan Carter?

  1. donegaladventurecentre

    Hmm Collie will most certainly not be taking anyone to see Nathan Carter – Louise was explaining her love of NC to the class – especially our Americanoes. Collie was explaining while it might be a good night out – it ain’t getting played in the Rock Hostel why ? Here’s why http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TxZ_R5yXHo&feature=related

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