It’s a Good Thing I’m Not Afraid of Heights … gulp

Today we took on the dreaded HIGH ROPES COURSE!!! We started off with the balance beams, basically two logs attached to telephone poles 20 and 30 feet up in the air. After Dickie showed us how to set up the ropes, it was time for each of us to face the music. The lower balance log is set at a wicked angle to make it just that much tougher. Then we tackled the flying trapeze, ascending a pole using pegs to stand on a shaky platform at the top and then taking a leap of faith and grabbing for the trapeze. Finally, in teams of two we went up Jacob’s ladder, pulling each other up onto logs of increasing distance apart as we got higher and higher. Of course Spider Tim had to show us all up by getting to the top by himself. Many group hugs were passed around for people who defeated their fears. After the course was done for the day, Tim, Declan and I headed off to Tullan for a nice surf session and we watched the sun set over the water. Anyways good day and a big leap for all of us in overcoming any sense of self preservation we ever harbored.



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