I thought I was a surfer……not a zombie!

Well hello here is yet again another edition of our beautiful blog. Hope you enjoy.

In the morning we went to the westend pool with Rachel. we did swimming training and lifegaurd techniques. first we warmed up by doing lengths front and back crawl. even though the water was freezing and the wind was chilling we were well warmed after it. we also used the peterson tubes and pretended that there were casualties weighing us down. rachel kept track of our progress and techniques. if we needed help she would gladdly give us tips. as a unit we swam 1,850 meters.

yesterday our plan for today, after lunch, was meant to be fitness, YIPEE!. but as a class we were asked to help in a movie for youtube. i dont know what we did to get out of fitness but something tells me we will pay for it later 😦 in the movie we had to dress up as zombies, got the full make up and blood the whole works!! if you want to see the movie it will be on you tube. search bundoran turf and surf friday surf report. it was mad fun well anything to dress up like a zombie and pretend to eat people generally passes the time.

keep an eye out for me im in a very very bright pink t shirt. before you jump to any conclusions its not mine. i have a feeling this will be a start to a very long a prosperous movie career.

thanks for reading

keep tuned

declan o connor


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One thought on “I thought I was a surfer……not a zombie!

  1. Cat

    Looking well D man!!the pink suits u!!!

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