I drink petrol cause I’m a TANK!!

Well its Cathal here,(the animal of a man who defeated Brian the American’t in the sucacides on Thursday) . Today we met up in the yellow room. I informed Dickie of our surf conditions and weather report which was, force 3-4 south westerly winds, 9 degrees with showers and overcast most of the day with low tide at 1028 and high tide at 1635, surf was 3-4ft and quite messy due to the onshore wind. Dickie and Kyle headed out with us today, Kyle likes us,he thinks we are the fun group and rightly so because I think he caught a glimpse our YMCA dance on the wall last thursday for the FAS group. Anyway the surf today proved to be difficult enough but I found it to be great fun, its abit harder to hold your breath in a wipeout now though as the water temperature has dropped a fair bit.
Declan was well chuffed with himself today because Dickie brought out the camera and caught him almost horizontal about to pull off abit of air, most people got a picture, good one of me heading the wrong way on a wave but to be honest thats just how I roll. Pat got a few awesome drop ins and was pretty much just constantly smiling the whole time, rightly so,he was rocking it. Declan, Gemma, Kate and myself headed back to our house for lunch, last night me and Declan got kfc so we remembered that we had KFC CHICKEN left over so obviously we had  sandwiches with it…..awwww yeaaa! loved lunch. In the afternoon we all met up in the red room to go over surf theory, Dickie showed us more on reading surf ,wind and pressure charts and obviously looked at the pictures from the morning session. We then took turns at presenting the surf lesson in front of the class, everyone done very well and its easy to see the progress we are all making. What a Monday! anyway, why did the fish cry? cause the sea weed….. stay classy internet world


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One thought on “I drink petrol cause I’m a TANK!!

  1. declan

    Awwww yaaaa KFC the meal of athletes!!!
    P.S. Thats me in the pic just missed dickies head.

    (did i care…..nope it was good wave)

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