well sorry for the delay in the blog but the peak was pumping!! got barreled!! WAHEY!!
anyway enough about that back to the blog.
clo joined us again but we lost louise to a form of sickness 😦
this morning we were doing work experience…. yup it was definitely an experience!! we were ment to go to the adventure challenge but had to resort to plan b.
plan b invovled going to the yellow room and playing team games with them. it took us a while to get into form but we had fun and so did the kids which was the main thing.
for the sake of a longer surf we lost our long lunch.
we went to streedagh it was a bit small about 3 to 4 foot. there was a few close calls and a few drop ins ( wont name anyone in particular). but other than that everyone had a good session. cathal informed me “he was rippin that shizzzzzz up!!”. steve said it was ballin. danny had some form of hybrid board and seemed to have fun. one of the main highlights was cathals headstand well attempt of a headstand!!
on the way back from streedagh we had an oul sing song as usual!! WE WENT BOM BOM BOM!!
as soon as we got back to the centre I grabbed my board and sprinted to the peak.
all in all it was a good day!! the only thing missing was KFC for lunch 😦
thanks lads for reading my blog!!

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