Dingle Dangles All Aboard!

Today was a successful day all round. it started off with the high ropes course where we had one last activity to try… All Aboard! i think it’s fair to say a few of us have been dreading this one, since we were first told about it during the tour on our induction day.

Dickie and the hero of the week Steph

It involves a team of 4 people, using a limited number of pegs, which are slotted into holes in the pole, to enable everyone to climb up to the very tiny platform on the top, and balance there together, before all holding hands to lean out backwards off the platform and then hope that our trusted belayers would bring us safely back down to earth. several weeks in, and everyone bigger, bolder and braver, we all made it right up to the top (and safely back down to the ground!). everyone was especially impressed with Steph’s great performance, who was spurred on by her team mate and our resident climbing prodigy Tim, and hopefully she even managed to at some point enjoy the lovely view of the banana skin on the roof from up there.

we all sped off for a quick lunch so we could be ready to leave for the afternoon surf as soon as possible. Rossnowlagh was the destination today, and there was much excitement on the bus out. so

All Aboard

much so from Cathal in fact, that he had to be banished to the back of the bus, to exercise his vocal chords from a safe distance. the surf was smaller than it had been yesterday in Streedagh, so most people opted for fun with swellys. though the competitive streak was still fierce, and so the headstand competition began. judged by Dickie, with Cathal and Declan going head to head (quite literally), we had a great display. it was all to play for, not just for bragging rights, but the loser having to make coffee for dickie every morning next week. Declan had the winning ride, scoring 6 out of 10. So Cathal’s on coffee duty. i’d like to say Dickie was the only real winner in this, but then he hasn’t tasted Cathal’s attempt at coffee yet!

Louise was having the time of her life catching some great waves, i think the smiles probably still not left her face. there was steam rising off Steve as he was paddling, he was so toasty in his new thermal gear. Patrick, Brian and Steph were stylishly cruising about, and Tim was keeping the eagle alive and

Surfin’ DAC

airborn. we even spotted a dolphin.

there was plenty of singing on the bus on the way back to the adventure centre. where we had a quick re-group to hand up our log books, get next weeks time table, and to establish if it really is possible to pick a lock with a hairpin. looking forward to next week already.

Gemma and Clo, we missed you today. Get well soon to both of you!

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