We live to be Radical!

After quoting lines from Point Break that are so bad they’re good we all got planning our work experience for the afternoon. We finally discovered the next letter after B and came up with a Plan C as an extra back up. Thank God we didn’t end up doing plan C as it was set for disaster. That’s not to say we

I can see Kerry from here

didn’t have fun testing out the new game named by Steve ‘Shoe Storm’ and of course we would have loved to have had the chance to try out Dickies signature game Ninja’s with 30 school kids.

So in the end we decided to go with Plan A being Abseil, Trapeze and the Climbing Wall out on the high ropes course. We weren’t greeted with the same enthuasiasm like the younger kids last week but we managed to encourage the moody teens to take that leap of faith up the climbing wall, down the abseil tower and to jump to the trapeze. My group were on the climbing wall we all took turns to belay and guide them up to the top of the wall. I need to work on my belaying skills as I paid the price of mixing with my hands with some nice blistery rope burn. I think we’ll all be more prepared for this group for next week and looking forward to working more with them again.

Surf tomorrow woo 😛

We don’t look moody !

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