swimming in a heated pool….waheyyy

Today started off great, the sun was peering through and it wasn't nearly as chilly as previous days. The activity surfing at Tullan, note to self always check the surf board before you take it outta the trailer, as i had to endure a grim walk back up the dreaded hill because i brought down a clearly broken board.

Anyway getting outback proved to be quite tricky, but once out there it was lovely a few nose dives later and things were really hotting up. Surfing this morning was also great as we got to go with our fellow FAS course peeps, so it was good to get chatting to them. The wind picked up half way through which saw a massive change in the waves but it was leaving a really pretty spray off each waves.
This afternoon we had the luxury of going to the hollyrood pool...which was a strange experience for everyone. Swimming without a wet-suit  the feel of the water on your bare skin, i honestly thought we were close to witnessing scenes from Broke-back  Mountain as the lads caressed the water. The time swim had most of us in a tizzy apart from Kate (the tank) Dec-Dog and Ambrosia rice pudding....but we all preserved and really no what we have to improve on for the exam.

good day for all i think.....

bye blog.

Louise x

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