Merry Thanksgiving blogiverse!

Patrick (Pat, Paddy, Padraig, here hai you as we like to call him) dropped the ball yesterday and forgot to do the blog.  So like the proper quarter back that I am I picked it up and now running with it heading for the endzone that is a blog update that will blitz any other! Yes you’ve guessed it Dickie is on the blog! And you may have also picked up that it is thanksgiving and we’re embracing all thing America, especially football!

As this is yesterdays blog I better tear into what happened yesterday, lifeguard skills in the a.m. where there was lots of swimming and near drownings.  Before you start to panic we were practicing our breaks and releases if we were to come in direct contact with a drowning swimmer and to get the most out of it and to make it as real as possible I instructed our ‘casualties’ to grab on and hold onto our lifeguards and not let go.  Needless to say everyone escaped the grasp of our casualties which means that they do not wish to be human life preservers! In the afternoon we toddled off to the Nowlagh for a surf! Happy days!

Now that the formal stuff is out of the way, its time for some FOOOTBAAAAAALL!!!! Tonight is our annual SuferBowl game of touch (to start) American Football!  Our American contingent is gonna teach us gang of hooligans how to play and bring some order to the madness that will almost certainly ensue! Brian, Pat, Tim and Steve I do not envy your job in the slightest as I am nearly impossible to teach anything to without some form of messing!

Monday’s blogger will update about winners and losers, but I can tell you now after watching this following two speeches as I am typing there is no way I am going to lose! The first is from a highschool coach getting the troops ready for war and to be honest if I were in that room and part of that team I would have run through the wall to get out there! The second is from Any Given Sunday with Al Pacino but I think would typify our course at the minute, we started out crawling inch by inch to get to where we are now but we are now stronger, fitter, better surfers and better friends than we were on week one! That is a testament to the group we have this year and obviously the fantastic instruction they are getting by yours truly! Hahaha I wish!

Anyway enough rambling outta me I better go out to the ropes course and tell Tim to stop showing off and get down!

Out for now peeps, and as I always say G.L.T.Y.C. (Good Luck To Your Cows)

Dickie 🙂

Oh almost forgot, Al Pacino being Al Pacino and all that great about him he does swear quite a bit so if you don’t want hear any rudeness then the first clip will be enough on its own to inspire you on this day of thanks and giving!


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