Happy Turkey/Birthday day

Today was a special day. Not only was it Thanksgiving for us Americans, but it was also Declan’s birthday (even though the party was last week). To celebrate, we went to main beach, accompanied by the FAStralians, and it was awesome. The waves were big and the wind was weak. I got barreled twice! and both were witnessed so they actually happened. We were down a few people this morning, but everyone there had a great session. Brian didn’t kill anyone and is now out of Dickie’s dog house, and the entire session all you heard was Kyle yelling “Come on Louise!”. It was a really fun morning.

In the afternoon, we set up and practiced the high ropes course for our work experience on Monday. It was monkey man Tim’s dream come true. With an injured Cathal, the afternoon was unusually quiet. We set up the rock wall, jacobs ladder, and abseiling. After the set up we all just practiced and had fun messing around on the wall. Dickie made it into the door while abseiling, but didn’t let Tim try because he didn’t want to get shown up. We were also treated to birthday cake while writing our logs (thanks to everyone who bought it).

Tonight, as Dickie has already told you since I forgot to do the blog yesterday, is our thanksgiving day american football game. Thanks to Collie, we have an actual american football and it should be a lot of fun. Also for anyone who is interested we have a thanksgiving dinner planned at the hostel. However with Steve sick it was up to me, Brian, and Tim to organize and cook it, and we failed miserably. Our culinary skills include pasta, instant rice, and frozen pizza, so be warned, it will not be very good.

Happy Birthday Declan and Happy Thanksgiving,


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