Ropes are for Show

Yesterday because “someone” broke the internet, we began by going out to the climbing wall and ropes  to practice and set up everything for a school group that came in the afternoon. We decided to set up the abseiling and Jacobs ladder. Last week Dickie swung into the door of the tower while rappelling down, this was obviously a challenge so this week I decided that I would see if I could also swing through, but failed and slammed into the side missing the door.

Louise barks out the instructions

That afternoon things went pretty smoothly, everyone did a good job with the school group and no one fell. At the end of the day it was time to put everything away, which means that all the ropes have to be replaced with tracer lines. During this one of the ropes came free as it was pulling the tracer line up and fell. Everyone looked to see if Dickie would make Steve, who doesn’t like highs very much, climb up to the top to replace the line. But Dickie must have been feeling nice so he let me climb to the top, which I really wanted to do. That pretty much concludes the day.


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