Pregnant men?!?!

Clo here, finally back to inform you of the goings on in the OITC’s daily excursions! And what a day to be back, the day started off with a swim in the Holyrood Hotel as Dickie said it was too cold to be swimming outside! However, this was no casual paddle in the shallow end – it was timed swim day. Since the beach lifeguard and surf instructor exams are around the corner everyone had to make

Clo writing this blog

sure they were on top of their swim times! The group pushed through and completed the 400m swims, all in very good times.
After the swims we finished the beach lifeguard theory just in time for lunch!
With bellies full we arrived back in the red room and were quizzed about every possible question we could be asked in the exams – from first aid to patrol zones to the chain of drowning, we answered them all!
After question time we were faced with multiple crisis scenarios – one person would be chosen to leave the room and when they came back they would be faced with many casualties needing various different treatments. There were pregnant men, heart attacks, broken arms and legs, head injuries, epileptic fits and the fallen unconcious. The initial shock on the trainee lifeguards faces was priceless when they came in and saw the various scenes of Stephs broken leg, Tim and Steves pregnancy, Louises epileptic fit, Gemmas bleeding head, Pat without breath and conciousness, Kates heart attack, my unconciousness and Declan running around with his unconcious child we later found out was named Benjamin!
Overall, we had a very productive day that left everyone feeling more prepared for their exams in the coming weeks.

Until next time!
– Clo

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