Baby jumping & Boxing Clever

Collie here today taking the role of guest presenter. Dickie is currently on top of a mountain doing a training course and I and the whole of the OITC course are delighted to report it’s pouring with rain here and really really cold. On the mountain that is, we had a lovely cozy day indoors.

You thought I was joking didn't you

You thought I was joking didn’t you

The original plan was to go surfing this morning but it was too stormy so we decided to mix it up and work a little on their fitness instead.
We decamped to the boxing club but not before we quizzed Dani our brilliant surf instructor on the custom of baby jumping in Spain. and people think the Irish are nuts.

Anyway down in the boxing club Fiddy put everyone through their paces – He a very nice man but boy does he work everyone hard. Especially when he did the arms out challenge, it’s the only time I’ve ever seen Tim not look totally laid back, he looked like he was going to strangle Fiddy. Although he’d never have been able

Kate & Steph laugh at the boys

Kate & Steph laugh at the boys

to lift his arms that high. All joking aside , it was a really great experience and everyone really got a kick out of it, especially Kate and Steph who beat the boys and got to stand over them gloating, as they had to do 40 sit-ups for losing.
The gang were with me in the afternoon, we need to do some administration work with them and we had a little chat about preparing everyone for our interviews on Thursday. We decided to round of the day with a cup of tea and a feast of biscuits in kitchen – Dickie we were thinking of you the whole time 🙂

eye of the tiger

Eye of the tiger

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