5 lads in one small Jacuzzi……nice!!

Hellooooo mizzzz lady!!

well to start off this morning we went to the pier to do some lifeguard training  it was very helpful for us who are doing the assessment this weekend. we started of with a nice oul 50 meter swim to an unconscious casualty after being guided using the hand signals from our life guard team on the shore then a 50 meter drag with the casualty. don’t worry we got’em to shore safely! then after that we did another glorious swim consisting of a 200 meter approach to a conscious

Lifeguard training

Lifeguard training

casualty then a 200 meter drag with the casualty………… yera not too bad!! we also practiced our breaks and releases (if you don’t know what that means it means GET OFF ME!)

after our lovely ham and tayto filled lunch we did some more swimming except this time in the hollyrood pool!! ooooooh the WARMTH!! everyone was very happy with their times and how they swam even Dickie was impressed saying we actually looked like lifeguards…… about time!! after a nice trip to the Jacuzzi we went back to the the DAC to answer some questions about life guarding. on the walk from the Holyrood to the DAC me and Cathal refueled with ice cream. my choice was a feast and his was a twister………. of course i had to pay!!

well thanks for tuning in and keep reading about how much fun we are having. see ya

Declan O Connor

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