do you have any bread?

The class was split in half again today, so the group that didn’t do the CFR course yesterday, could do it today. Our half of the class was all geared up for the ropes exam, wearing so many layers it was difficult to move, but when we arrived out to the course, Cillian’s Fas group had already beaten us to it. We had a brief Mexican stand off with them (which their group won) so we were sent to brace the extremely frosty conditions with a morning surf. felt warmer in the water than out, so we had a lovely long session. was about 2-3 ft, clean and provided severe brain freeze with every duckdive, refreshing would be an understatement. luckily enough no hypothermia set in though, so no need for us to put our now finely tuned first aid skills to use.

Dickie set up the archery for us for the afternoon. we should have known there would be some wicked pleasure for him in it. he made us decide our own fate by writing on stickers various forefits that had to be completed, if we hit them with the arrows. i won’t ruin the surprise by mentioning them now, but i’m sure they’ll be pretty easy to spot in the pub on thursday night. i hope someone remembers to bring the bread!


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