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Today our lovely group was still split into two….I miss Kate, Gemma, Steph, Pat and I can’t believe I’m saying it but Dec-dog and Brian too…..weird…!! I was happy knowing they were out on the cold ropes course until the word spread round campus that they had went surfing…. (:-| angry face…

We had the CFR (Cardiac First Responders) training all day with the lovely Trish, and two new-comers Fiddy and Joe, who should be named the chuckle brothers. CPR was still fresh in most of our heads so no-one was feeling too apprehensive, Joe was a CPR virgin but took to it like a duck to water. We went over stroke, heart attack, choking and how to recognise and treat each of these. We did notice that there were conflicting techniques with that of the Beach Lifeguard CPR training…hummm which was strange!!! Then we got stuck straight into the defibrillator, it’s such a nifty little machine even if it does simulate the noise of a truck reversing…we all passed so totally delighted with that.

Word on the street is that there’s some major forfeit’s on the archery course so make sure your aim is good otherwise there will be all kinds of weird stuff going on at the graduation on Thursday night.. .. cant wait..!!



The rumours are true- they did go surfing

The rumours are true- they did go surfing

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