Breaking Ice & Being Nice :-)

Day 1 of Week 2, we all arrived fresh faced and full of beans on time and with a smile 🙂

In the morning we learned about the importance and value of knowing some funtastic team games, so we did some ice breakers were we found out some of our dark secrets or were they truths? i really am not so sure, perhaps I am currently residing with a bunch of flower smelling tree hugging hippies who’ve escaped recently from the utopian village of wedrumalotbutdontshowersomuchville,

So far all i know is that peter is not to be trifled with and dont leave any flammable or explosive materials lying around of he might be inclined to make a point, james has 15 dogs all named Rex, Babs has been living in another dimension were momey seems to fall effortlessly from the heavens above, anne has a new dog, oh wait that might be true, krisztina has a sister whos name is or isnt Suszanna (and yes she is currently single), Clo has developed over the years a bizarre fascination with our aquatic friends the fish, in particular engaging in debates with goldfish and admiring the sweet pinks of cooked salmon, as for me I’m a choir singing, father of 15 kids 5 of whom are named Paco, ah no really I only have one and he’s the best ever 🙂 hmmmm now I’m really confused, its tuesday right?…..?????

Onto to some energisers were we played duck duck duck duck duck goose hahaha slippery fun times which led us into the dojo were we assumed our new positions as Ninjas, heeeaaaaaaaaa swing back karate chop a slap on the hand but the game hasnt stopped, next to move has a chance but pretty soon only 2 remain for a final face off, only one shall emerge, triumphant or just laughing out loud :-p

When we had finished honing our martial skills we proceeded to engineer with precision dexterity a parachute for a soon to be airborne “egg”, one of them having emerged from the dark recesses of a farmyard massacre, the other a confused little amsterdam redlight district cell who obtained freedom on a the basis of a hankering for dutch goodies, both unfortunately passed onto the next level of existence, in this case to a gravelly end were the sea-gulls of bundoran shall feast on their spent remains.
We took solace in the fact that we lived on with their unique memories. pause for a moment……

After lunch we learned all about the staff policies and centre guidelines, protocol which has a place and ultimately guides us to happy and safe times, remember folks, safety first and the person most responsible for YOUR safety, is first and foremost, you, and obviously a whole host of others who contribute and participate in creating a safe work enviroment for us all. all of whose efforts are appreciated…Amen

Stay tuned for the continuing ramblings of the surf heroes of 2013…………………

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