Rosnowlagh Madness!!

A very early start for some with some pre surf training varying from parkour to swimming, on a windy Tuesday in Bundoran!!
After an epic laughter filled bus trip to Rosnowlagh (where Fiddy thought we had fully lost it) the gang were revved up and ready for surf, a quick warm up and every one was smashing through the slightly mushy surf! (no laughing by this stage 😐 )
lots of waves cought and some nice long rides on the inside (well done all)!
It was a battle to get out the back and an even bigger one to sail the boards back to the van after (seriously windy)…so after a beach pick up we were all in the van with blood back in the extremities!
The afternoon session was filled with learning about formations of rips



and how to avoid sticky situations involving them.
Dickys soothing voice was forcing sleep on, so the couches were abandoned and school chairs occupied…Thanks guys!! 😦
We also learned about forecasting, wave formation and a little bit about how heavy the wipe outs are for big wave surfers…half a million kgs in a big lip when its crashing on your head…that’s HEAVY MAN!
All in all…a solid day with surf fun and laughter! “Windy as Bru” or “vary blooway” up here!
looking forward to everyone being on time tomorrow!! 🙂
Jimmy B

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