Leprechauns and Burfers

It was a bright, yet windy and cloudy day at Rossnowlagh. A good-sized leprechaun flew across the waves (as all good leprechauns should do) as a man from Mallorca helped teach students from the Donegal Adventure Center surf. Whenever those students weren’t enamored with the leprechaun’s surfing ability, they were practicing their pop-ups and

Peter vs Peter

Peter vs Peter

trying to catch the messy waves. By the end of the day, standing up became as easy as pie (don’t worry, I never understood the phrase either). With any luck, the class will soon be dropping into bigger waves and barrelling like those penguins in Surf’s Up.

After our great day of surfing with a leprechaun, we headed off to the Boxing Club with a Boxing-Surfer (a position to be known from now on as a “Burfer”). There, the Burfer worked us to our near limits, from skipping ropes, to hitting poor, helpless punching bags and all sorts of different upper (and some lower) body workouts. Despite that, smiles remained on every face, a feat seemingly impossible. But, little did possibility that when a burfer, a leprechaun, and a man who already blessed with unending and eternal happiness combine their powers, they create…something to make people happy, even in darkest night.

Sore and tired, the class left the boxing club, ready for another day of fun, exercise, and getting better at doing what we do best–whatever that is…

-Rice out


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