Protection of the wee uns

Day 3 Week 3
We approach this day the same as any other, with fire in our hearts, fresh air in our lungs and a willing to learn and improve ourselves and our understanding of the world of which we are a part.

We ventured forth into a new sphere or legality and reality, child protection and the importance of conducting ourselves and interacting in an appropriate manner.
Information is filtered and bubbles to the surface layer of consciousness and can be interpreted in many ways so we must be aware with our words and actions lest they be misunderstood or miscontrued.
The safety of the child and his/her sanctity respected and valued.

There is a line, a branch reaching out which gives us support, and guidance on how to deal with these matters should they arise, and the measures in place to help facilitate a positive outcome to all situations.
Help is at hand with our trusted designated liaison person Trish, and clear line of command/communication.
An understanding of how the centre runs as a whole and how we as trainees fit into the puzzle. A thoroughly enjoyable day learning, absorbing and furthering our abilities to be valued assets of this fine establishment were dreams come true 🙂 (but perhaps not the dream i had last night were i was living in a wooden hut and had to leave cos the tide came in and suddenly i was paddling down a road that was actually a snow river!!! hmmm early night tonight me thinks 😛 )
Our responsibility widens as our shoulders grow stronger with each wave we take & each new lap we swim.

Body like mountain,
Mind like the open sky,
Breathe like the wind………….



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One thought on “Protection of the wee uns

  1. Nice work, Gary! Really enjoyed reading this. 🙂

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