Surfin ‘n’ Fightin

Surfing was a toss up this morning,mush or other mush so we chose mush! 3m W,NW swell with a force 1 southerly wind on main beach means 2-3ft waves on a low to mid tide.In the good company of half our FÁS friends we paddled out

Fiddy puts Bairbre through the paces

Fiddy puts Bairbre through the paces

the back we found some not mush waves! there were some green pockets left and right and despite competition for waves fun was had until the wind changed to a force 4-5 onshore!!

I believe everyone learned a lot today and conquered demons from dropping down the face and trying to stay ahead of the white water, paddling out the back in the rip and for the brave drifting in the rip and self rescuing without a board!! Well done everyone. after sailing back to the beach with boards for the most part! 😛 We headed back for a debrief, lunch and to prep for some fighting fitness!

Fiddy told us last week he would take it easy on us and he did it was probably a OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA10 on the intensity scale of 1-10! today started with a 2k run, then 5 sets of 3min skipping, then an eternity of inventive ways of making your triceps back and abs spasm under pressure in the plank position…then sit ups and more bag work than Katy Taylor!..then holding arms up,then combos,then bear crawl….its a lot of work to type but more to endure!

He told us we had fun and we’ll do a bit more next week!!! where to from 10 tho fiddy!? 11!??

Well done to the crew…another big week down, looking forward to next week and everyone progressing as much again! 🙂

Later dudes! James


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