Pancake Tuesday

Bright and sort-of early (too early for some one) on this wonderful Pancake Tuesday/Mardi Gras morning, we all headed to a well behaved Rossnowlough. The waves were a nice size, and tended to be fairly clean with very little foam. Though it took a long time, everyone in the class made it out to the back and caught some sort of a wave back to shore. Although I did not stand up, it was sort of exhilarating dropping in on an almost barrel-worthy sized wave. When you fall/drop in to the wave, it feels more like the board is slipping on ice rather than the typical pillow-esque push from the small waves than I have grown used to. It is yet another piece of encouragement to egg me on to stand on that “double decker [foam] bus”. As a whole, the group did quite well. Anne took a wave that could rival one of the giant Leprechaun’s (or so I’ve heard). In the afternoon, Oprah joined the class as sounds of Elvis and chickens emanated from the yellow room.

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