Work experience with Sligo Studenten Ja Ja das is gut

Today was our first day doing some work experience with the ever so friendly and bubbly students from Sligo I.T,

Myself and Anne had a nice group on the high ropes, were we had great fun laughing at each other and getting the conversations going and flowing, as we watched people climb higher and higher and higher 🙂

Babs and Clo headed out to the lake to build some rafts which eventually brought them to the other shores of existence, exuding joy but immersed in cold they brought a helping hand to the group, and obviously a bit of charm and sunshine 🙂

Petey Pete Pete Peterson headed out to the field were he worked his ricetastic magic and wooed the masses with his charms and other worldly accent 🙂 a new experience on this island for a young man from other shores 🙂

James and Krisztina were on the rock climbing and abseiling and apparently did a great job too, their group being the most boisterous they had a right auld laugh and could be heard all across the centre….ahem ahem in other words interrupting some other games where the screams of dying students on the minefield was drowned out by laughter from the tower.


A positive day and I think we all had a grand old time chatting with some nice folk and sure twas good to see people push past their fears and limits and try something new 🙂



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