Le Bons temps and the bonny auld times after a frantic fall into chaos at the beginning of the end of the beginning which led to the beginning of the fun times oh yes indeedily

hmm well we started with a svelte timed swim were we all flashed our toned muscles and set to work trying to tear up and down the pool. felt chilled and good, but i lost count quickly and i know i could have given it more socks,

Croc Pit

Croc Pit

another drawer full to be honest, towards the end. anyways, onto another learning experience ( i hope) for us all.

meet and greet, split, uh split, i mean split yes now we’re split up, oh wait we were meant to split the gorup, not us!!!!!! d’oh!!! soon the numbers fell into place with more focus and smiles on our collective face we led the way on a mysterious tour to the field of dreams, where heroes are made and rules obeyed. delving into our linguistic archives we transcended the language barrier, well tried at least, and managed to bring some smiles and fun times to our teams of little rapscallions. soon enough both irish and french were interacting and looking out for each other, using their new found abilities and problem solving skills to win each time (well my group did, go group 6 🙂 ), overall a good day and i even managed to speak a little french which perhaps helped out 🙂 but we need to organise ourselves way way more duuuuuuuuuuude pour matinau, au revoir et faire de beau reve, Ciao G


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