Happy Birthday America!

A little bit of gridiron

A little bit of gridiron

Happy 237th birthday America.  As many an Irish man would say, never count your birthdays, only count the days to pay day!

Busy day here in Donegal for everyone.  Today was the first time the AFS crew headed for the ominous Atlantic sea for their first surf lesson.  The surf was big and messy but the troops were more than a match.  After some very confident talk by some, Robert and Randy to name but a few about how good they already are at surfing even though they have never tried it before, it was time to put the words into action.  After a quick lesson on Tullan strand by your truely, off we trotted down the beach.


Americas game

I would love to say that it took a long time for the first person to get to their feet and surf towards the shore but in fact it took Devon one wave to show the rest how it’s supposed to be done.  Many were soon to follow suit and before long Cami, Cameron, Adelaide, Zanea and even Mr. Surfinator himself Robert discovered they have a new favourite sport.  Conditions were tough but the taste that everyone got after this mornings surf left the group hungry for more.

This afternoon we gathered in the tv room of the hostel to plan the mural that will be put together over the coming weeks.  After some excellent ideas by a lot of people we finally settled on one.  But you will just have to wait to see the finished product before we can reveal anything.  I can tell you though that it will be awesome!

The rest of the camps had the regular routine of surfing all day for surf camp, which by reports from Dani are all standing comfortably on the board even though many only surfed for the first time yesterday.  English class will have some catching up to do but I’m sure they will have no trouble.

Happy 4th from donegal

Happy 4th from donegal

This evening we celebrated ‘Merica’ day by heading to the beach and playing some American sports, American football, capture the flag and America’s pastime Baseball.  While the rules of each were more like guidelines, a great evening was had by all.  Even Emile, who got a nice nick under eye said that it was worth it.

The highlights of day included Andrew wrestling with a shark and coming off best, even though he has the scars to prove it.  It may have been a surf board but as I always say, never let the truth get in the way of a good story!  Also, I had one of the nicest cups of tea I’ve had in a while.  Many of you I’m sure are partial to a cup of tea every now and again but when you get a lovely cup of tea at the right time of the day, then it is something to be savoured.  Maybe its just me but Jasus I love tae!

While we didn’t blow anything up to celebrate Independence day, we did have a great day none the less.

Signing off, Bundoran’s number one son, Dickie! 🙂

G.L.T.Y.C.   (Good Luck To Your Cows)


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