July 8 & 9: Heatwave

Phew it’s a scorcher. Now in my 18 years of doing this, I’ve written this before but I’ve never had a camp where Spanish



kids were telling me ” Collie it’s too hot!” The good weather has seen us alter our schedule a lot to take advantage of the sun.  Both our English camp & our Surf camp went for double surf on Monday – Fantastic day but they were absolutely wrecked afterwards and despite the good weather elected for the cinema. Our AFS group joined them after spending a day at the beach as well as doing a class on Celtic Art with local expert Marion Rose – you can see her website here

Our Italian friends spent their day at the lake kayaking – then wisely decided to forgo the cinema and went for a swim at the beach instead.

Tuesday if anything was even hotter. Our AFS group toured Gleniff Horseshoe and Mullaghmore with Collie who told them all of the tragic tale of Diarmuid & Grainne as well as a few more modern tales of Giant waves in Mullaghmore – although it was calm today with crystal clear water sparkling in the sun.


Alejandro Spanish leader

Surf camp surfed as usual – although the surf wasn’t great in the afternoon so they did some skateboard work with Dani – Our English class swapped between Kayaking and classroom work and our Italianos spent the last day here in Donegal  as everyone should – Surfing and laughing lots.

They at leave at 6 am tomorrow morning and even though they’re crazy we will miss them very much. Good news though Carla and Tania from Barcelona just arrived with Sam from Manchester. Roll on week 2 !

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One thought on “July 8 & 9: Heatwave

  1. It is brutally warm! You are in a lovely spot there for the camp. Marion’s woodcraft is gorgeous

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