210 Steps To Paradise!

Many apologies for the late post this evening but any of you that have seen some of the photos posted earlier will recognise that we had a pretty awesome day.


And to add to it, this evenings blog has been put back in the hands of the boy from the back streets of Bundy, Dickie! So be prepared for the usual ramblings that eventually get to the point.


The weather here has been turning nearly every Irish person into lobsters all week, mainly because Irish people only see this kind of sunshine on holidays, so the constant application of sun cream eludes many of us, and with a cheerful “it’ll be grand” off we toddle only to return complaining about the heat. Not me however, I’ve learned my lesson and it only took around 20 years of getting burned!


Anyway, back to todays events, myself and AFS crew headed off to Sliabh Liag, (Sleave League). At 601 metres high (1,972 ft) are the highest sea cliffs in Ireland. Yes the Cliffs of Moher are more famous but Sliabh Liag are nearly 3 times higher!

So I spent the bus journey telling everyone how spectacular they are only to arrive at the viewing point only to see nothing. The cloud was down and was so thick that we only had around 20 metres visibility. However, I am ever the optimist and plodded on up thinking that by the time I got up about 50 or 60 metres there’d be plenty to see. And there was! Now I have been to these cliffs many many times but standing above the clouds and watching the cliffs slowly unveil themselves and show the beauty that I know and love was one of the best experiences I have had in a long time! I will post a link to the photos and Collie will add in some here but it was a spectacular and breath taking start to the day.



Tearing ourselves away from the magnificence and splender of one of Ireland’s truely beautiful sights we headed for another. We have all been to beautiful beaches but I love Silver Strand on Malinbeg Co. Donegal. I struggling for new ways to describe the beauty we saw today but I will say that I have been asked by at least 6 people to go back before the trip is over because they loved it so much! The fact that you have to walk down 210 steps (I counted) wont put you off, one look and you wouldn’t be able to resist! Paradise!


The usual game of red tractor was had to and from the sights with yours truely keeping up his 100% record, but Jill did run me close onl;y for Devon to see the last one and crown me champion!


This evening we mixed surf camp, English camp and AFS and half went cliff jumping and the other half to Viking Quest. Before anyone thinks that we invaded anywhere, Viking Quest is what we call our raft building activity. Captain Randy and Captain Robert build the ‘ships’ and we raced up and down the sea pool. Robert was victorious in the end even though his ship was attacked by the other vikings.

A fun end to a fantastic day all round.


Tomorrow collie will be back the reigns of the blog and will update on everything else that I have missed.


Until then Planet Earth, stay safe, never wear your glasses when you’re a viking, always bring towels and swimming trunks to the beach, and always wear sun cream!


Dickie G.L.T.Y.C. 🙂


P.S. This was stuck in my head all day! Enjoy!!!




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