Superstars, Surfchicks and Sligo

Hello – the sun has returned again but more importantly so have the waves – nothing special today but it will be good.

Yesterday day was superstars – some of you might remember the old TV show where different sports stars were pitted

Winning sandcastle

Winning sandcastle

against each other in various sporting events – Our version is similar but as well as sporting events it has sandcastle building , cracker eating and even blindfolded musical chairs. The teams are split up into a mix of different nationalities and they have to work together to figure out who is most suited to each event. The winners of each event get top points but there are points awarded for every finish so the team with the best average wins.

The morning events took place on majestic Tullan strand and involved long jump in the dunes, sprints and relays, sand castle building, Iron man running, swimming and paddling a surf board  and China – who can dig the biggest hole in the sand in 5 minutes. It’s very funny.

Tug o war !

Tug o war !

After lunch the action took place in the Adventure Centre – and included penalty kicks, shooting baskets as well as some of  the sillier events like cracker eating – they have to see how many crackers they can eat in 1 minute without

touching any water – Sam from Manchester was particularly funny during this event.

Anyway when the scores were added up the winners were . Andrew (USA) Jack (Ire) Mar, Marga (ESP) Devon (USA) Arnau and Joan (ESP) and they get free popcorn and treats and the movies tomorrow night.

To finish of our fun day we had our annual Surfchicks competition –

Cracker eating competition

Cracker eating competition

this is a bit of fun where the girls dress the boys up as models and we have a beauty pageant, nobody is coerced into it and we are there to make sure it isn’t inappropiate just very odd , ridiculous and hilarious – all the “ladies” deserve praise but the winners, starting in 3rd place as is tradition , Samantha (Sam from the UK) , Roxie (aka Randy from USA) in 2nd and the winner was Nikita (sometimes known as Emile from France) who walked away with the crown – oh the tears , oh the drama 🙂

This morning Dickie took the Euro gang off to do a bit of sightseeing and shopping around Sligo while our USA gang , who’ve been here a little longer and have already visited Sligo had a special Irish cookery demonstration and a big Irish breakfast and then caught up with services and some much need laundry and room cleaning –  We’ll probably just chill with a DVD and some basketball tonight for tomorrow the surf returns…

Roxie, Nikita and Samantha

Roxie, Nikita and Samantha

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