Reach For The Stars

Captain Dickie here back at the helm of another blog. A lot to get through this evening so I will try and keep to writing about what happened today instead of losing track and talking about something else half way through.

Just as reliable as the buses in Dublin, our surf camp surfed twice today and by all reports its was awesome, English class today finally broke free and

Reach for the stars

Reach for the stars

caused a lock down of Bundoran as they ran through the streets dressed as clowns! They didn’t really, they had class and surfed as well in the afternoon but I thought I’d mix it up a little, rather than what we usually write, English class did English and surf camp surfed.

AFS went on a lovely trip to the City of Derry, where they enjoyed the mix of cultures which they learned about in class with Niamh yesterday. They started off by visiting some of the murals that Derry is famous for and seen first hand how by simply crossing the road the difference in the two cultures. They also walked around the City walls, seen some cool cannons and visited the Bloody Sunday memorial, you can read more about it here
On to this evening where we had one of the summer camp traditions. That being, cost Collie a fortune. It was of course Reach for the Stars, where our campers climbed to the top of the climbing tower and took and envelope which is stuck to the top back down. Inside there were many fantastic prizes including €10, won by Emily, €5 won by Nacho, a few €1 envelopes along with bars of chocolate, bracelets, and what started out as just a normal prize but turned into the one that everyone wanted, a tub of chocolate spread. Seriously, the €10 was the second best prize even though €10 can buy many tubs of chocolate spread but that didn’t seem to matter.

So there were many excellent prizes but we didn’t want Collie to have to re mortgage his house so there were some not so great prizes, number one for me of those was, marmalade. This one everyone hates, if you are unlucky enough to come back to earth with this you have to eat a small portion of orange marmalade. Marmalade is lovely on toast but on its own is quite disgusting, hilarious stuff! I was looking forward to one prize being won but

mmmm marmalade

mmmm marmalade

unfortunately no one got it, which was to make me a cup of tea, I’ll have to devise another game to get a cup of tea made for me. Photos will be posted tomorrow.

The last time I wrote this blog, I made a single grammar error and got slated for it so, this time I hop i didnt make two much miss takes but there is a couple in the main body of the text which I’m sure will annoy Collie!

Tonight’s video is our theme song for this evenings activity, which was stuck in my head all day, hope you enjoy!


Dickie 🙂

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