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It’s too hot – I’m not sure in 18 years or so of writing these diaries I’ve ever written that before but seriously it’s a scorcher over her reaching up to 30 here (86F) which mightn’t seem mega hot for you guys but we ain’t used to here – not to mention   nobody has air conditioning or fans because well it seemed like pointless .  It doesn’t seem pointless

The All Aboard

The All Aboard

now ! Firstly apologies we’ve been a bit slow on updates for non-dramatic logistical reasons – laundry , a few summer colds that need attending , not to mention having fun with the kids 🙂 We last talked on Wednesday night. Thursday saw AFS hit the waves again – they haven’t surfed as much so they jumped at the chance – Even Ameer who was skeptical at first to say the least but then discovered he was a body surfer – Then in the afternoon it was Fiddy’s Fighting Fitness – Fiddy is one of our best instructors and the heart of the centre – As well as all his other duties he coaches kids in boxing in his spare time as well as taking part in mma and ju jitsu – So the man knows his stuff. So for a change he took the gang down to the gym and put them through their paces doing some boxercise (obviously non-contact stuff) The girls particularly were really impressive, even if the gym was really warm and it was a really fun, different experience  for the gang. That night we joined up with English & Surf camp to do some of my favourite climbing tasks – the all board and the zip

Cameron and Co-pilot Cameron ..I'll leave you to decide which is which

Cameron and Co-pilot Cameron ..I’ll leave you to decide which is which

line – I’m sure you all know what a zip line is but the All Aboard is a small platform about 40 feet high that 4 people have to scale using a limited amount of pegs – It’s awesome ! So much fun was had , we forgot to take any photos but I  know Jill, Monica and Alejandro took loads of photos and I’ll post them up. Friday was Kayak and Talent show day but that’s tomorrows post…..

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