Sideline cut

The titles of these blogs are becoming more and more Irish – just like your kids. Yesterday after we said a teary goodbye to Nick, Carla and Tania, Dickie took all the AFS gang with special guest stars Antonio and Danielle to the pitch to show them the art of hurling. Nothing to do with Aurora, this is ancient sport is hugely skillful and physical sport, the fastest ball game in the world in fact.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe had an awful lot of fun – we obviously didn’t have an actual game as we thought a trip to the emergency room might take the sheen off a great day ! The rest of the day was all water based.
We decided on one more big group surf – where there was major excitement as there were loads of dolphins at the beach – and try as we might we didn’t get one single good shot of them. Say what you will about us, we may know how to entertain a hundred kids but photographers we ain’t .

The evening, again by popular request was spent cliff jumping. Even though we had our first drizzly night in what seems like an age , the joy of watersports is that well you are going to get wet anyway so what matter a little rain. It is Ireland after all….

Clash of the ash Isaireland style

Clash of the ash ISAIreland style

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2 thoughts on “Sideline cut

  1. Hello,

    My name is Caitlin Belt. I’m the Digital Marketing Coordinator at AFS-USA.

    First, thank you for creating such a nice post about our exchange students! It’s great to see them having fun while abroad.

    Second, I have a small favor to ask – would you mind changing the link in the text to go to, rather than I believe that all the AFS kids in Ireland are from the US, so the correct URL in this case would actually be the one for the US site.

    Many thanks!

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