In our own words : Our final week at DAC by Fondo & Taio

Our Italian schools from Fondo & Taio are divided into three groups – Red, Blue & Green. This week the Green group wrote about their overall experience – The Red group wrote about their day trip to Galway and the Blue group catch us up on their final week of activities. Enjoy.


When we arrived at DAC we were welcomed by Collie or ” The Big Boss”  He is a great jolly man and he wears colourful ,

Dickie and Johnny making us laugh like always

Dickie and Johnny making us laugh like always

flamboyant and wonderful shirts!!!  We did an English test and Nicki ( The head teacher) divided us into 3 groups red, green and Blue,  In the morning we had a lot of interesting activities for example Surfing, Climbing , Niteline , orienteering , Kayaking – all adrenaline sports.

The Instructors names are Dickie , Neil , Paul , Mark , Johnny , Darragh , Eoin , Cillian , Ken , Fran & Marie.  Our English teachers name is Tommy.

In the evening , we did very good activities such as fun dress up team game dressing up as boys / girls , climbing adventures , cinema & Movie nights in the red room

Food – Every day we eat in a local restaurant called ” La Sabbia” The means beach in Italian .  We had Chicken and Pasta and chips and Salad .  It was delicious.

From 2 – 5pm every afternoon we had an English lesson with Tommy.  In these lessons, we could speak English with our friends and our teacher.  We also did some grammar and learned lots of new Vocabulary.

Overall we had two incredible weeks.  It was an experience to remember and hopefully will get to do it again some day.


Bombs away - Donegal Adventure Centre

Bombs away – Donegal Adventure Centre

This was a really busy week here.  We went surfing twice and it was fun.  The waves were good and we think that Matteo is the best surfer in the Blue group.  We also did some Team Building Activities like Viking Quest and Niteline Obstacle Course.  We weren’t very good at building boats because most of them sank!!!!  Niteline was funny and we got so muddy it was great fun.  We also went to the cinema and bowling this week.

It was raining on Wednesday morning , but we still played Gaelic Football.  It’s very different to the football we play in Italy but we learnt a lot.  We did “Surfchicks” last night and we laughed so much.  Lorenzo won first place , Michele came second and Giacomo came third.  It was a great week


On Thursday morning , we woke up happy because there wasn’t  any school that day.  We were very excited , we had

The gang at the Spanish arch

The gang at the Spanish arch

breakfast and then we went to Galway.  It took 3 hours by bus but wasn’t boring because we talked and admired the Irish scenery.  When we arrived there , we visited the huge Cathedral.  In the church , there were some big and colourful stained glass windows.  Then we ate lunch and at 2pm we went shopping.  We explored lots of shops and did some souvenier shopping.  At 5 O’ Clock , we met in front of the monument in the the square and then came back by bus.  We stopped at Supermacs for dinner on the way back .  We had a fantastic day.

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